Goersch Trend Setups

Forget about complicated trend analyses, combinations of different timeframes and complex evaluations of different trend strengths. The Goersch Trend Setups AddOn simply takes all this tedious work off your hands.

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Goersch Trend Setups – the ultimate solution for all short- to medium-term trend traders

The Goersch Trend Indicator is a very popular trend indicator that uses past price movement to show the trend as well as the trend strength of the current movement. The indicator can be used for any underlying and timframes. The special feature is that it is extremely easy to interpret and that it works “out-of-the-box”. The calculation automatically adjusts to the displayed timeframe. Thus, an interpretation is always the same – whether you are looking at a stock, a currency, an index or a commodity. Regardless of whether you work in the 5-minute chart, hourly, daily or even weekly chart. It is very simple to judge whether an underlying is moving in a trend, whether this trend strength is currently increasing (i.e. stable) or decreasing (i.e. the trend is weakening), or whether the trend is currently tipping. The indicator shows you this important information at a glance.

However, the core of the Goersch Trend Setups AddOn is the ready-made professional workspace, in which the current trading signals from the daily chart are displayed directly. You can define the basket of underlyings, which you screen fully automatically for setups, yourself. Whether the stocks of the S&P 500 are screened for signals, the Stoxx 600, or the most liquid futures. The current long and short setups are always displayed on a daily basis in the corresponding underlyings. This way you will never miss a trade again and all your positions will automatically be in the direction of the overriding trend. An ideal trading approach for traders with a nine-to-five job and all traders who do not want to spend the whole day in front of the charts.

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