BORN Package

The BORN Package was developed by Rüdiger Born for his own trading and for the trader team in his asset management company and thus has an outstanding practical relevance. Many components have been further developed over years of practice and have proven to be extremely effective and efficient. In the course of Rüdiger Born’s public work in seminars, webinars and workshops, the question for access to these trading tools became louder and louder, so that they are now also available to interested traders in the BORN Package.

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BORN Standard

Alongside the typical chart tools that make trading according to the BORN style with the Elliott waves and Fibonaccis a great deal easier, the BORN package also contains independently developed indicators such as the BORN oscillator and the blue BORN bar, which offers simple and fast, yet reliable trading signals.

Significant components:

  • BORN bar (in timeframes from 4 hours and upwards)
  • BORN oscillator
  • Elliott waves panel for easy counting
  • Slope indicators (trend/countertrend)
  • Greenline entry line trailing alerts (last bar high/last bar low)
  • and much more



The Born Pro contains the following significant components:

  • BORN bar (in all timeframes)
  • BORN bar lines indicators BORN oscillator
  • Elliott waves panel for easy counting
  • Fibonaccis with preset settings for retracement
  • Extension, projection as well as time and sequences
  • Slope indicators (trend/countertrend)
  • Greenline entry line trailing alerts (last bar high/last bar low)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the most important tools
  • Numerous scanners for finding meaningful trading opportunities more quickly
  • Differences to the BORN Standard Add-On

The PRO version of the BORN package contains the same valuable tools as the normal BORN package; however, here the BORN bar is not restricted to timeframes larger than or equal to 4 hours, but can also be used in smaller timeframes without limitation.

This makes the PRO version especially suitable for highly active traders who also want to use the BORN bar on an intraday basis.
Since the BORN package PRO was primarily developed for proprietary trading, the sale of licenses is limited under certain circumstances.

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