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  • For Options strategy traders.


Options light:

  • For Options Writers.
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Anyone who says that trading is easy is lying. There are many parameters and points you can get wrong. The great art is to make complex systems simple. Hype words appear in the packages. BigData and AI. This is not dreams of the future for us, but simply common practice.

Options trading can be very time consuming and complex. With hundreds of thousands of options to choose from, you can be overwhelmed by the complexity and quickly get bogged down. By developing the options package for Agenatrader, everything becomes child’s play. Which values do I choose, where do I enter? Where do I get out? Which strategy or which option chain do I choose. Everything can either be adopted or customized to your own strategies.

For options-strategy traders and options sellers..

  • Optimized workspace
  • Screening for implied volatility and weekly / monthly options
  • Scan for highly profitable entry signals
  • Display of implied and historical volatility
  • Display of the commulated open interest
  • Display of the expected move
  • Display of the standard deviation
  • Display of the self-developed risk profile in the chart
  • Display of the trend line
  • Graphical display of the earnings in the chart
  • Fixed or freely configurable option selection for 10 fixed strategies
  • Scan by bid / ask spread difference
  • Scan by open interest (also neighboring option chains are considered)
  • Scan by Bid / Ask Spread Differnz (automatically adjusted or freely selectable)
  • Scan by delta (e.g. 0.15 and below)
  • Expiry freely configurable
  • Earnings sensitivity (earnings are checked or not)
  • Spread difference automatic or adjustable
  • Percentage gap adjustable or ATR (normal DELTA)
  • Risk profile with the number of contracts selectable
  • Risk profile exit criteria freely selectable
  • Calculation of the fair option price


  • Bull Put (Cash Secured Put / Short Put)
  • Bull Put Spread
  • Bear Call (Short Call)
  • Bear Call Spread
  • Strangle (Short Strangle)
  • Iron Condor
  • Bear Put (Long Put)
  • Bull Call (Long Call)
  • Vertical Call Spread
  • Vertical Put Spread


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