Take your options trading to the next level with our Advanced OptionTrading Tools. Included are numerous indicators and other tools that support you in finding signals and selecting and trading the optimal option for your trade.

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Included in this AddOn


With the new option indicators you can chart options-data directly in your chart and also add them to conditions and signals in your columns or in ConditionEscort.

  • OptionListener – show options-data as data-series as indicator directly in the chart of the underlying
  • OptionListener ATM – similar to OptionListener, always shows automatically the data you selected for the current most ATM option
  • OptionMultilineListener – offers the possibility to combine as many option-dataseries from the OptionListener as you want in one indicator and display them simultaniously
  • Option BlackScholes Listener – calculates the values of the OptionListener not based on data that the datafeed or broker is delivering to AgenaTrader, but based on BlackScholes formulas
  • InstrumentExpiries – elegantly display the next option-expiries directly in the chart of the underlying to see which expiry will work best for your market-forecast
  • OptionChartData – display available strikes as well as their most imporant REALTIME datapoints (e.g. greeks) directly in the chart of the underlying, to optimally find the best strikes to use for your option-strategy based on your analysis of the underyling-chart



  • Advanced Filters in OptionChain – filter for any call/put datapoint in the OptionChain and OptionComboTrader and combine those filters however you like to find the perfect option for your planned trade
  • Advanced Option-Traderbars – to get additional relevant infos for your option-position
  • OptionComboTrader – the biggest tool in the whole AdvancedOptionTrading AddOn, which allows you to analyze and realize ANY option-strategy-trade that you are dreaming of. No limits in how many legs your strategy can consist of – from calendar-spreads to multi-leg Box-Strategies, Strangles, Straddles, Butterflies, Bear-Call & Bull-Put Combos as well as classic naked options – combine the full power of AgenaTrader with the nearly unlimited potential the option-market is offering to you.


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