AgenaTrader Neptune

AgenaTrader Neptune supports traders who want to practice discretionary trading. The Neptune version boasts a huge selection of features, including our powerful (C#) AgenaScript, which offers you undreamt-of possibilities for full automation:

  • Multibrokerage / Multidatafeed Basic Scanner
  • Advanced Charting and Analyses
  • Time /Price / Indicator Alerts
  • AgenaScript (C#) incl. Visual Studio integration
  • OCO / ORO / IF-DONE Connections
  • and very much more


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The Neptune version of AgenaTrader comes readily equipped with extensive functionalities:

  • Multi-broker, multi data feed, multi-asset class platform
  • New charting concepts
    • Single and list chart groups
    • Advanced charting with over 130 indicators and 14 chart types!
    • Open up to 3000 charts at the same time
    • Dynamic indicators
    • Action bar for your favorite charting objects such as indicators, drawing objects, time frames, signals
  • Advanced chart trading
    • Connect OCO, if-done and ORO order connections via mouse clicks
    • Save complex order combinations into order templates
    • Shortcut trading
  • Scanner
    • Scan 1000s of instrument in real time
    • Receive scanner alerts via email
  • Program or import your own indicators and strategies
    • Fully automated trading support via AgenaScript (C#)
  • Extended alerting via price, time, indicator and signal alerts
  • Extended workspace management
  • Forex pad
  • DOM and QuickTrader (Chart DOM)
  • Trading center with order/position/trade manager, part trades, execution lists and trading accounts
  • Market replay manager
  • Simulated trading with the integrated simulation account!
  • Integrated browser: web tab!
  • ShortCut Key manager
  • Economic, earnings, holidays, and dividends calendars
  • Futures rollover calendar


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