Andromeda Multibroker

Semi-automatism for your live-trades in perfection!

Unlock the full potential of your trading with the AgenaTrader++ features, which combines all the exceptional common features with the advanced functionality for risk-managed semi-automated trading. Experience a truly unique trading experience that sets AgenaTrader apart from the rest, empowering you to optimize your strategies and navigate the markets with confidence.

With AgenaTrader Multibroker you can connect to any datafeed and trade with any demo or real trading-account.

Multibroker, Monthly
99,00 monthly
Multibroker, Quarterly
269,00 quarterly
Multibroker, Lifetime
1.790,00 lifetime
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AgenaTrader Andromeda supports traders who use a diversified trading approach or who would like to select their trades from a wide spectrum of Shares, Futures, Options, CFDs and Forex symbols.

Receive entry signals and use visual criteria to decide whether you would like to trade the given signal or wait for the next one. This prevents the trader from having the urge to be constantly active, and therefore from choosing to trade bad signals.

Wait for good quality signals, received from one of hundreds of instruments, and make your decision about the execution.

  • Create all of the entry, stop, and target setups simply by clicking!
  • Entry signals for your trade setups are recognized and displayed!
  • Automated risk management
  • Automated order size calculation!
  • Focus exclusively on the quality of the entry – the trade management will deal with everything else.
  • Trade in accordance with Dow Theory – existing instruments will support your technical analysis!
  • Use the Analyzer Escort to receive all of your signals (from one time frame) combined in one column!
  • With just a few clicks of the mouse, connect signals to trade setups and integrate them into semi-automated strategies!
  • Program complex signals (AND, OR, XOR) simply by clicking, without any programming skills!
  • Use the integrated trading diary to learn from your trading history and improve!

PLUS all common features that you can expect used from a state-of-the-art trading platform:

  • Multi Time Frame Charting
  • More than 150 indicators
  • Trading directly out of the chart
  • Pre-Defined Order-Connections
  • Custom-Made Order-Templates
  • Comfortable Option-Trading
  • Depth-of-Market (DOM)
  • Quick-Trader with Leve2 Access
  • OrderStream Bar Charts
  • Info-Center for monitoring
  • C# & VisualStudio integration
  • Customizable Drawing-Objects
  • Powerful Simple-Scanner
  • Deep TradersYard Integration

With AgenaTrader Multibroker you can connect to any datafeed and trade with any demo or real trading-account from any of our broker-connections that you can find here:

And if you want to trade your live account of one of our broker-partners, you even can get Andromeda SingleBroker FOR FREE here:


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