BORN 4-Trading

BORN-4-Trading Voice & Video only

The Contents

  • Voice messages about the current market or to answer questions (about WhatsApp)
  • Video news about the current market or to answer questions (about WhatsApp)


BORN-4-Trading – full content

The Contents

  • live discussions of Rüdiger Born with his dealers about the current procedure on the marke
  • current screenshots of interesting market situations
  • concrete Elliott scenario
  • BORN bars that are feasible and more likely to be rejected
  • Possibility to ask questions
  • Voice messages about the current market or to answer questions (about WhatsApp)
  • Video news about the current market or to answer questions (about WhatsApp)
  • Webinars in the closed user group to answer questions
  • webinars announced at short notice for exciting situations or questions
  • concrete entry and exit brands as well as rules of conduct for certain trade ideas
  • date notes
  • and much more
monthly, Video Only
39,00 monthly
monthly, Full Content
79,00 monthly
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Knowledge, tips and concrete ideas – when you need them

Webinars, workshops and coaching can be valuable aids to build up or expand your own knowledge, but when it comes down to it, you are usually alone again. How pleasant would it be if you could also get support during your everyday trading life?
That really works, because BORN-4-Trading is a service provided by Rüdiger Born and his team, originally for the narrow circle of workshop participants, who now also make it possible for you to always stay on the ball.
How great it would be to look over the shoulders of institutional traders or to be able to listen to dealer meetings and find out what is hot at the moment, where dangers lurk and what procedure seems appropriate in which situation.

The Goal

It is our aim to provide you regularly, often several times a day, with current tips and ideas, to answer open questions and to accompany you in your everyday trading life. We regularly provide you with good ideas, warn you of traps and pitfalls in the market, answer questions about current market events and trading in general.

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